The time to join a startup is now!

We are a small but compact team who love making products people love.

There are a lot of you out there from many different backgrounds ranging from technology guru who get a kick out of seeing something work and seeing people use what you built, to people who love to manage different kind of partners as well as creating marketing strategies that can change a customer's view.

In Dealoka, we want to change the industry through providing the best service and building technology that makes things more simple, easy to use, convenient, and ultimately bring the best value for Customers.

What We Believe


Innovation is in our DNA.

We use data to get insight and turn insight into meanigful innovation. We build fast and churn out technology and features that really help users

Freedom, No politics

We want you to be excited to come to work.

No politics, no favouritism just fairness. Your performance is how we judge. We are open and we are fair

Be Bold

We want to change the industry.

No changes will happen if you keep your old ways. No matter who you are or where you are, you have ideas, we listen, so let us know

Who We Are & What We Do


Start your career with Dealoka from our list below, ranging from Operations, marketing through to Technical (we call them Techos here). If you can’t find a suitable position, don't worry, we would still love to know about you! Send your resume to our beloved HR and she will help you out

Available positions and options

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